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T&T Seeds Ltd
T&T Seeds does NOT sell any GMO products.
Our 10% Early Order Discount is now over but many quantity and group discounts are still available on select items.
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B72 Orn Pepper Chilly Chili
Colour in the garden or for your patio containers..Edible and Sweet too! This small compact pepper plant produces upright, pointed, 5 cm (2 in) sweet peppers that range in colour from the early greenish yellow, to orange, to a fully ripe red. The mix of warm colours on this plant all at once, creates the illusion of small fires erupting on top of the these compact plants. Ht 25 cm (10 in).
B237 Petunia E.W. Yellow
A194 Hollyhocks Old Fashion Mix
B234 Petunias Tidal Wave Red Velour
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