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7980 Northern Arrow TreasuRed
An exciting "New" hardy columnar apple tree - an introduction from the University of Saskatchewan! Super compact with maximum yield! Instead of developing horizontal branches like standard apple trees do, these trees form fruit on short spurs that develop along the main trunk. Tree width is only 1 to 1.2 m (3 to 4 ft)! Mature height is 4 m (15 ft). The fruit is bright cherry red, large and smooth with a nice waxy bloom. Fruit ripens in Mid-September with an excellent texture and flavour similar to a McIntosh apple, and stores well! They fit easily into the smallest gardens; you can plant several along a fence or deck. Plant Breeders Rights applied for.  Planting Zones Poster
8102 Aurora Honeysuckle
8086 Gooseberry Jahns Prairie
8400 Sea Buckthorn
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