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T&T Seeds Ltd
T&T Seeds does NOT sell any GMO products.
Our 10% Early Order Discount is now over but many quantity and group discounts are still available on select items.
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3160 Plant Wash Plus

A great All-Purpose wash--For greener and healthier plants! Just spray a fine mist on foliage and stems on indoor or outdoor plants and watch your plants flourish! Spray all plants once a month--for plants under stress spray once a week. Can be used on all houseplants and outdoor plants such as potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, grape vines to keep them healthy. Active ingredient .08% Akwaton, which is 99.99% effective against bacteria, fungi and spores.
3165 Fusion Liquid
3250 Fertilizer Dry Seaweed
3260 Fertilizer Peter's Plumper-Upper (15-15-30)
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